Winter is comming! Yeah yeah i know it sounds corny but the weather is getting wetter and colder and so we as airsofters have to adapt to the weather conditions yet again. But how do you prepare for the cold and wet weather.

Good clothes.

It all starts with the clothes. In colder climates, the changing weather is your biggest opponent. One moment the sun shines and an hour later you walk through the pouring rain. Therefore, make sure that the top layer of your clothing is well water-repellent, of course this also applies to your shoes. Wet clothing, especially in combination with wind, is a guaranteed recipe for hypothermia. Of course, a poncho is also a good addition. When folded, a poncho is a small package that fits easily in a backpack, can be quickly pulled over your clothes and offers excellent protection against excessive rain.

As I said, the weather in colder climates can change quickly within a short time. It is therefore important to be prepared as much as possible for the changing weather. Only a thick coat with a t-shirt underneath is not going to do the trick, dress in layers so when it gets a bit warmer you can take off some layers so that any sweat can evaporate well. Thick clothes make you sweat extra and the clothes contain the sweat with the result that when the sun disappears and the weather gets colder you walk around with sweaty wet clothes and run the risk of hypothermia. As soon as it gets colder, you can put on some extra layers and keep your body relatively warm.

What is hypothermia.

Without you being aware of it, your body loses and generates heat and thus ensures that your body maintains itself at a comfortable temperature. If the body loses more heat than it can generate, your body temperature will drop. Known effects of this are the development of goosebumps and shivering. By shivering, the body tries to generate some energy and thus raise the body temperature. If this fails, the body temperature will continue to drop. As soon as it falls below 35 degrees, we speak of hypothermia.

How do you recognize hypothermia?

Someone with hypothermia may exhibit a number of symptoms.

Cold, pale and dry skin.
Possibly blue lips, ears, fingers and toes.
Breathing goes from very fast to slow and shallow.
Sometimes shivering uncontrollably.
Tiredness and drowsiness.

What to do when hypothermia sets in.

Do you notice starting symptoms of hypothermia in yourself or fellow players? Then find a sheltered and warm environment as soon as possible, put on dry warm clothes and drink something warm. Then go straight home and take a warm shower or bath.

If someone shows advanced symptoms of hypothermia, immediately call your local emergency services number or have someone call. Don’t be afraid to call. Better one time too much than one time too little. Move the hypothermic person to a warmer environment and remove any wet clothing. If you can’t get the clothing off properly, carefully cut it open. It is extremely important that the hypothermic person becomes dry. Wrap the hypothermic person in an insulation blanket (an ordinary blanket will also do the trick) and make sure that the head is also well covered. You can also pack the arms and legs extra if you have extra blankets. And notify the organization. Good organizations have first aiders who know exactly what to do.

Please pay attention! If the hypothermic person is already drowsy/confused, do not give them anything to eat or drink. Alcohol to warm up is an absolute NO-GO and speeds up the hypothermia process by a factor of 10.

And No! You are not a Special Forces operator.

No you’re not. We are airsofters and not trained SOF operator who have had their cold weather training in polar surroundings  and have a shitload of gear to keep warm. We do this for fun. So don’t act tough if you notice that you can no longer keep yourself warm. Go to the safe zone and get yourself dry and warm again. If that doesn’t work, go home and make sure you get warm.

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