Less than 24 hours to go to wednesday 12:00 march 1 2022, but this is a time sensitive cause initiated by Ronin Graphics & Tactical (for your most awesome patches) and Emergency Medical & Training in Belgium. I am in no way affiliated but i think this is worth putting it out there. So make sure to order patches and IFAKs and show your support to our friends in Ukrain, it’s the least we can do.


Unfortunately EMT’s stock has been very much depleted so it has not have any effect on this moment to collect for IFAK’s anymore. We would like to thank EMT with so many thanks in our heart for making this possible.
How to proceed now?
Team Ronin has decided to continue Operation Angel and extend it until Friday 4th of March, 23:59h CET. We would like to participate in saving as much lives as possible, human or animal. We will be looking for a second charity goal to support Ukraine, looking into humanitarian or animal wellfair. All fundings, coming in from now, will be gathered to drop at this second charity goal.
All patches can be ordered untill the time shown above.
– A single patch is €10,- excluding shipping, no matter the amount you order.
– The full set is 30,- excluding shipping.
Orders can be made by sending us a PM on FB or Insta. (Estimated time of delivery 4-6 weeks)

Operation: Angel

People, let’s motivate the shit out of this.

We all know what’s going on in the Ukraine, falling into the hands of a madman if we don’t do anything to support or act. And if we don’t do shit, we’re propably next. Ain’t gonna happen, does it?

Team Ronin, having connections in Ukraine and hearing the heartbreaking stories, had to do something. So we decided after having a good chat, to team up with Emergency Medical & Tactical for a ‘joint ops’.

Emergency Medical & Training is gathering materials for a IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) which includes:

– CAT gen 7 tourniquet
– Wound packing gauze
– Nasophayngale airway
– Set of 2 chest set
– Rescue blanket
In case of needs these give people the chance to survive and make it to the first aid station. Those kits will be presented and delivered to the Ukraine embassy on next Wednesday to be shipped out to Ukraine, ASAP.
We, Team Ronin and all of you, can help them get as much kits available and send to the Ukraine giving the people of Ukraine a chance to survive serious trauma.
So EM&T and we are doing a few things. EM&T offers you the possibility to donate a complete set for €50,- at: https://www.emtshop.be/nl/ukaine-aid-ifak.html
And Team Ronin aids with dropping multiple patches to aid in financial way to get as much supplies to the Ukraine but yes, will be a close call. But we can do that.
We made up 3 designs for you:
1: The Ghost of Kyiv. The urban legend, to be called so after downing 6 enemy planes and getting an ace status on the first day. We don’t know if it’s true but it makes a hell of a motivation. Design is in the airforce style patch.

2: I want to believe: Also about the Ghost of Kyiv but in a more “mythical” style.

3: Lifesaver and Heartbreaker: for any good lifesaver, keeping up motivation.
The price of these patches are €10,- a piece, or €30,- for a whole set, excluding shipment. Also possible to buy as much as you want, if you want more of 1 design. All small things help. EM&T will also drop them on their site: https://www.emtshop.be/nl/
With Ronin, you can order them by sending us a PM on FB. We’ll guide you with purchasing.
These are all preorder and we’ll comence directly from now untill Tuesday 1st of March, 12:00 CET. So we can get EM&T our help in time.
Let’s motivate the shit out of this!
Team Ronin



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